Special Needs Dentistry

Why Choose Coastal Kids Dental & Braces For Special Needs Dentistry

Coastal Kids Dental & Braces serves children from birth to young adulthood, including children and adults with special healthcare needs. Our office is comfortably designed, and our specialized pediatric dentists are highly trained in treating special healthcare dental care needs patients for their dental care when the general dental office setting is no longer an option. Schedule a complimentary consultation with any of our 9 Charleston area locations to learn more about our services and take a tour of our office!

We Treat Those With The Following Special Needs

Autism and Asperger’s syndrome
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Down syndrome
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
Incontinentia pigmenti
Hearing impairments
Epilepsy, seizure disorders
Non-specific intellectual disabilities and developmental delays

We Use Personalized Behavior Techniques

Verbal praising for good behavior
Awarding a prize
Showing a movie or TV show during treatment
Playing music or a favorite song
Using tell-show-do to introduce each instrument and each step of a procedure
Having the patient sit on the parent’s lap
Performing a knee-to-knee exam
Keeping a constant conversation going with the patient
Asking the patient to bring a favorite toy or doll
Taking several breaks during a procedure
Breaking up routine cleanings into several short appointments

Specialized Treatment Accommodations

We try to schedule morning appointments or the first appointment after lunch, when the office is less busy.

The Importance Of Dental Treatment For Those With Special Needs

Patients with special needs tend to require special dietary needs at home which affects overall dental hygiene and can result in a higher risk of dental issues in the future. Dental treatment for children or adults with special needs helps maintain a healthy and happy smile for life. Coastal Kids Dental & Braces can help you and your child with feeling comfortable at the dentist, work together on a home care plan and help them along the way in their smile journey.

Why Special Needs Dentistry Is Different

Our pediatric dentists have special training to be able to treat and support those with mental, physical and sensory special needs. Understanding the specific care involved in treating a patient with special needs is imperative when it comes to special needs dentistry. We will work with you to make sure their needs and special accommodations are met for their ultimate comfort and safety during the appointment.

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